Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Submission Guidelines

Guideline for submission of an article/story/picture or video
We accept only Education-related submissions and make sure the article is NOT published elsewhere

  1. The article should be original, well-written, and not more than 750 words.
  2.  Please give a specific title that reflects the content of the article
  3.  Write your full name, affiliation (if any), a high-resolution picture and brief bio
  4. Your draft should be in MS Word format, 11 font size, and 1.5 spacing. If you have a
    picture in the article, attach them separately as well and write their description
  5.   If there is an image, submit it in jpg or gif format
  6.  Avoid the use of profanity, slang, and offensive language
  7.  Your article should provide complete information and does not promote one
    a particular point of view.
  8. Send your content directly to the editor zeroperiod.press@gmail.com. The content should NOT come through a third party.
  9. If your article is not published within fifteen days then please you are free to publish it elsewhere.