Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

About Zero Period


This website contains articles, stories, pictures, videos, case studies from the field of education. We have authors who will contribute through their opinion, perspective, pictures and video stories. We are a group of educators, educationalists, journalists, and developmental workers, who have practical experience and knowledge of the education of Pakistan. We feel that longstanding issues of education especially school education are not highlighted on the national level, therefore neglected. Those who want to make an impact at the classroom, school, and community level through their writing are not encouraged by established newspapers. We are, therefore, providing a platform to new writers, teachers, students, and parents to reach the education world through their writings. You can share your experiences, best practices, information on new techniques, your creativity in the form of short videos, pictures with short descriptions, and write-ups.

Meet Our Team

Shagufta Shazadi Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief
Tayib Jan Co-founder & Managing Editor
Muhammad Yusuf Co-founder & Head Marketing
Tanveer Ul Islam Advisor, Editor Videos & Contributor
Imran Ali Web Master