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1. Fostering Cultural Awareness

2. Promoting Global Education

International days provide an excellent opportunity to integrate global education into the curriculum. By aligning lesson plans and activities with the theme of the day, teachers can help students develop a deeper understanding of global issues. For example, on World Environment Day, students can learn about environmental challenges and explore ways to promote sustainability. Similarly, on International Women’s Day, discussions can focus on gender equality and women’s contributions to society. Such integration allows students to connect their learning with real-world issues, fostering critical thinking and global citizenship.

3. Encouraging Unity and International Cooperation

Celebrating international days at school promotes unity and international cooperation. These days serve as reminders that despite our cultural differences, we share common aspirations and challenges as global citizens. By organizing events, cultural displays, and collaborative projects, students can engage in meaningful interactions that transcend borders. These activities encourage dialogue, understanding, and respect among students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and harmony.

4. Nurturing Tolerance and Inclusion

Teachers’ Role in Celebrating the Days


By Tayib Jan

The writer is an educationalist, working as the head of a private teacher training institute. He can be reached at

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  1. Your effort for enlightening the importance of celebrating International days is marvelleous. Mostly we ignore it and just avoid by saying that no need of it. Need to be bit more open minded.

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