Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Sometimes, I wonder, are we getting the right education or are we tempted to coerce the high numbers with a destined degree? The same degree that will help us get a job to feed butterflies within the stomach and have an exorbitant life.

The fault was never in our stars, it is indeed in our education. We are taught to get an education, probably a cramming of ancient theories that are no longer in use, the lessons, which are exactly of no use. Let us make it in semantics, in the name of education our administration is producing ineptitude, an unskillful human.

In this uncertain time, where the covid-19 surged to get an entrenched situation, we are fussing about whether we should conduct exams or not. Exams surpassed our education, this bizarre enigmatic situation where students need to prove their intelligence using exams. On the other hand, we have those students on the road making unlawful situations and making wreckage of public goods, was that education we got? Education without practice, we learned everything, but the only thing we did not learn was, “how to imply”.

Let me shed some light on the history of light, they did not have luxuries of life, but they were skilled workers. Edison Thomas, who invented the bulb, was taught by his mother at home, and he did what we see today, what glamour our lives. Speaking of present status-quo, we have every means of like, newest of technologies, invented by other countries, luxuries, medical facilities, still at the backward?
Pakistan’s universities hardly make it to the top 500 universities of the world, even though we are trying our nerves to conduct exams, still not in 500.

The great inventions were done with skill, with passion, with hard work. The passion to change something, to do something, they were never done with the onus, with high marks and not with a degree, there should be an alternative situation to cope with present prevailing situations, education is important with or without exams.


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