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This article deals with the importance of vocabulary learning and its proper usage in a foreign language. vocabulary forms the foundation of any language yet learners agree that it is the most difficult part of foreign language acquisition.  What does be skilful in learning and using good and relevant to the context vocabulary do to your personality? Firstly, if you will have a good vocabulary along with strong command over written and verbal skills, your communication is will be comprehensive. Secondly, a good vocabulary can help in confidence building, which ultimately leads to being productive in personal and professional life.

Here are some ways to improve your vocabulary.

Connect New Words with Previous Knowledge

Whichever new word that you learn is linked in some manner to the knowledge you already possess. Try and connect it withyour previously learned ideas and phrases.

Create Word List

When you come across new words, either when having a conversation with someone or while reading, remember to note them down along with their meanings. Cross-check the pronunciation and usage of the word in a sentence on the net.

This will serve to develop a lexicon list which will serve as a tool for encouragement to add more words to one’s vocabulary

Go Through the Word List

After having developed the list of new words revise them regularly and start using them daily in everyday conversations. The best way to remember new words is by using them, but be careful to use them in the right situation.

Use Flashcards

Using flashcards is a good way to learn new words. Write the words that you want to learn on flashcards and put them in such a place where they are visible like on your fridge, dressing table, or laptop so that you may see them and be able to retain them.

Read, Discover New Words and Their Meanings

One of the best ways to develop vocabulary is by reading. It is important to read a wide range of books as it will help you to come across new words. As you come across new words underline words that are new to you and look up their meanings. Reading will also help in both sentence making and improving writing skills. Novels are the best for the purpose as they use words that are normally used in our daily lives.

Watch Movies with Subtitles

 When watching movies leave the subtitles turned on.

You will be able to remember the words in the subtitles and also understand their meanings. As the meaning will become evident by looking at the actions or happenings in the movie.

Engage in Conversations

Now that you have developed your new word list, you are aware of the meaning and have also made sentences with it. Now start using these words in daily conversations. The more you use these words the better it will be.

Practice makes a Man Perfect.

I cannot lay enough stress on practice. It is only with practice that a man becomes perfect. Stay consistent and don’t let anything get your spirits down. Stay steadfast and continue to learn new words to build your vocabulary. Last but not least remember to celebrate all the little victories as you reach your goal of expanding your vocabulary.

By Faiza Zameer

Faiza Zameer is a writer, multilingual, a highly qualified and seasoned marketing and communication professional having a unique experience in both fields of education and the healthcare industry.

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