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Mukesh Kumar

We are connected with our examination process directly or indirectly and we are aware of the examination system in what manner would our examinations be conducted and in what way would our students cheat in exams and get high positions from their respective boards. Now, let’s discuss some keys points that compel students for malpractices in their examinations and what makes our parents help them in doing so.

Absentees of Students:

We are well aware of the absentees of students, particularly in Government Schools. The number of present students in the classes seems to be half of its original enrollment of the class. The reason behind the students’ absenteeism could be taken as parents’ poverty because the people living in remote areas of Sindh mainly suffer from poverty, hunger and deprivation so that parents try to keep their children busy in the fields or they make their children work on different shops to make living for them and their families. Consequently, students, who never got an opportunity to attend their class throughout their academic year will certainly use the unfair means in their examinations.

 Lack of Parents’ Concentration:

Parents do not take a serious interest in their children’s education. Parents don’t prefer visiting schools to know their children’s progress. They never try to open their children’ copies to check either their children complete the given task from school or they leave it unfinished. Some parents don’t even know the standard in which their child studies. Finally, the students become independent of any responsibility which leads them to their failure.

Failure of Head Teacher:

An organized and strong administration can only lift the standard and quality of a school to its highest destination and an unplanned and unorganized administration can destroy the morale and fame of a school. The essential part of school administration is its Head Teacher whose guidance helps the school function properly. It comes under the responsibility of a Head Teacher to concentrate on teaching and learning practice in his/her school. He/she should pay announced or unannounced visits in the classrooms to check the students’ and teachers’ progress. Head Teacher should conduct meetings with students and teacher separately to know their problems and he/she should solve their problems on an immediate basis. Headteachers should call parents to his/her office to discuss the students’ progress and the causes of their failure. Head Teachers should call parents meetings, where teachers and parents can discuss briefly students performance.

Political Interference:

Political interference means the reigning of authoritative and politically sound people in educational institutes. Due to political interferences, a Head Teacher is always interrupted in his decision making regarding school affairs. If a Head Teacher takes an action against any of his/her subordinate or employee, political people interfere in the matter and the Head Teacher has to pace back or withdraw from his/her decision which makes his/her subordinate be more intriguer and then the Head Teacher loses his/her hold in front of the rest of staff. If a Head Teacher relieves his/her employee for punishment, the employee rejoins within a short time. All this injustice makes a Head Teacher inexplicable, so that he/she withdraws with all his/her responsibilities, simultaneously, the School suffers, the students suffer.    

Untrained Teachers:

 The old and traditional method of teaching dominates in our Gov’t Schools even in this modern era, the teacher writes on board, students copy it in their rough copies first and letter paste in their fair copies, the teacher checks their copies and puts different remarks like “good”, “excellent” etc. neither the students know what is learnt nor the teachers know what is taught. At the end of the session, students cram, what is written in their fair copies, they appear in their exams and get good grades.

Throughout the academic year, neither the teachers are given any professional training nor the teachers themselves explore the different ways of teaching. In this modern time, new methods of teaching are being introduced and the teachers should be given different pieces of training as that they can meet the needs of 21st-century teaching and learning practice.

B.I.S.E changed their pattern of annual examination.  They replaced the number of short questions with MCQs questions now. Recently, the board paper contains CRQs, ERQs and MCQs, the teachers should also be aware to solve these questions.

Social Relations:

The teaching and non-teaching staff is entirely a part of this society. They are closely connected with common people. They have to take care of their social relations as well. The absentees of students, students’ failure are ignored and devalued under social relations which affects the standard of a school badly.

Parents are seen roaming outside the school boundary during the annual examinations, they can’t be forbidden based on social relations. If the Head Teacher or any staff member forbids them, they become your enemy and a fight starts among people and staff of the School.

All the above-mentioned issues cause serious destruction of our annual examination system and our educational standard. Each individual is responsible for the unfair means of examinations. Every citizen should play their role for the betterment because a single person can’t bring the change.

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  1. Nicely portrayed..particularly training of teachers on ERQ CRQ as well as social relations and implications generally

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