Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Nights when its pitch dark black

The stars falling and moon shining bright

lighting up the dark path with it’s light

She’s sitting in the garden, looking up at the sky

Her heart holds up things no one knows

Trying to straighten her messy thoughts

Ignoring her wet eyes and jerking them off

Someone making sure she wasn’t cold

Draping scarf around her neck and making sure she was okay

Making her laugh until her stomach hurt and tears came out

loving her like no one did, She was someone who could never be replaced

Memories hit her hard making her cry even more and breath becoming uneven

The days we walked under blossom trees together, holding hands and sharing little secrets

Life’s way to hard than we know, she left the world still unravel though

Memories of leaving me on the last thread of hope, and our last hug in the passing hours

saying her last words and giving me hope with all

While holding hands and last teary giggles coming out

Our bracelets still connecting with the each half heart of love

Just by my side I know she will always be there

Even if it was a good bye forever, memories never left

For love is stronger than death

And our secret handshake will never get old, for she found me in pieces and made me a whole

Looking at the milky sky, I smiled Knowing that she now became a star watching upon me

All our memories fell before my vision and my lips found their smile remembering each of the time we promised each other

‘when all these cheers die down stay, hey!’

I wish I didn’t have to let you go but you were a dream,

not meant to be mine`~

By Zainab Zeeshan

Zainab is Grade 11 student and is a passionate writer.

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