Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The child of today is the man and woman of tomorrow, who will run a society, and a family. The men and women will look after social issues, strong men and women will build up a strong society. There are a couple of questions we need to ask ourselves a) are we raising strong children, b) are we providing a good nurturing environment to our children? Are we leaving everything on their nature to decide what they are going to have emerged? We need to understand that nature is only a biological trait containing hereditary components, while that is nurture; which forges nature in its best form.

Highly literate nations realize the significance of nurture. They are deeply sensitive and responsive when the question child’s nurture is raised because they understand nurture is important for the holistic development of the child. The biggest drawback of our society is; our only focus is on education to make a child perfect and leaving everything on his nature to pick up high glories. The consequences of this come in the form of challenging children, who carry their challenges with them unresolved and live a challenging life. A life in which they confront distress, depression, and depreciation. Their problem-solving sense does not grow strong enough and they feel difficulty in leading a normal life. Many of such persons cut themselves off the society and adopt a solitary life, others live with numerous psychological problems which cause imbalances in their personalities. They spend their lives fighting a battle with their selves, this battle remains unacknowledged by the outer world but results in enormous destruction within a person and the extreme pain of such killing is felt only by that individual.

These calamities are the outcome of unidentified and unresolved personality disorders. Now, who is responsible for the proper nurture of a child, his parents or teacher, his home environment, or school environment. The very first responsibility is of parents. Appropriate parenting can help a child to overcome many personality issues because a child spends most of his time with his parents, especially his early three years. In these crucial years of children’s lives, 80 % of their mind develops. The preschool years are the perfect time for parents to nurture their children well. When children enter the schools, it is the of the teachers to understand a child holistically and provide him/her such an environment where they could easily cope up with their problem and get rid of personality disorders.

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