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Nowadays, everyone is using technology and we cannot deny the benefits of technology in Education. It is also sure that the technology has pros and cons, hence, ignorance of the limitations of the technology may encourage ethical issues. When we talk about Ethics in Education, the teachers should know how to guide and facilitate students in using technology for their learning. Since our conventional education system does not encourage integrating technology in classroom teaching, therefore, teachers themselves are not prepared in modernizing their lessons, the selection of the right technology for their subject, understanding terms and conditions before installation of an application etc. Thus it is essential to train teachers on understanding and application of technology first so that they can also teach students the basic ethics and limitations of using technologies. Some of them could be;

  • Teach students not to use or pass personal information to others.
  •  Inform students how their information may be at stake if they are sharing it with others.
  • Remind students not to take others’ work directly or copy others’ work from the internet as their own, for example, downloading illegal software, music, and movies.
  • Remind students to be respectful to others when communicating on the internet, not using offensive words and pictures.
  • Help students to develop positive attitudes towards technology.

There should be some code of conduct developed and shared before the use of any technology with the students. The orientation should also be conducted for students in which guidance should be provided to follow the norms and values while using technology. Furthermore, the monitoring of the usage of the internet should also be taken into consideration.

By Salima Shahzad Arwani

The author is working as an Academic Advisor at Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan. She completed MEd from AKU-IED in 2012. During her MEd course, she got her two articles published in an international periodical (UK), Mathematics Teaching.

2 thoughts on “Teach Students Digital Ethics”
  1. Thank you Mr. Rehmani for raising these critical questions. Yes, you are right. Only teaching would not serve the purpose and we all need to reflect upon it.
    Monitoring and research in this regard may help us to take the first step.

  2. Yes, very pertinent topic in our technical and digital era. But the question remains of how must this be achieved. Just telling children did and don’ts of using technology would in my view not be suffice. There is a need to develop practical modalities and methodologies embedded with ethical philosophy. There is a gap in knowledge here that needs to be fulfilled. Answers are not easy but need to be addressed through research in partnership with those who have advanced knowledge and technical insights in using technology.

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