Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Here’s what was decided in the NCOC meeting:
    1. Classes will start for students of grades nine to 12 students from January 18 as decided earlier. Exams are due for these students.
    2. Federal and provincial governments have decided that students will not be passed without exams this year like they were last year. 
    3. One-week extension granted for start of classes for students of grades 1-8. They were earlier supposed to start by January 25.
    4. Primary schools will reopen from February 1.
    5. Higher education institutes still to reopen by February 1 as decided earlier.
    6. NCOC will re-evaluate data in a week and decide whether primary schools and higher education institutes opening on February 1 in cities where infections rates are high is appropriate or not as infection rate differ between cities.
    7. It is possible that if infection rate is high in a particular city, educational institutes may not reopen there. 

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