Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

This is the age of transformation; things are metamorphosing their simple forms into the most complicated ones, so is education. The world has changed the concept of education, it is no more limited to rote memorization and acquiring selective content knowledge.

Education is not fixed-term or has a mono definition but it is dynamic in itself. As the demand and definition of education keep on changing, it transforms according to the era and its people. Education for the people of old times was; to learn, how to protect oneself from enemies, how to fight on a battlefield, and how to hunt for food, then men progressed so did education. The jungle life revolutionized into a more moderate form of life. Like, societies were formed, industries were settled, people demanded to know how to write and read and to have some basic mathematical skills. Such type of education was focused to acquire more and more knowledge, in a passive way exchange of information used to take place. Teachers were forced to impart a limited, designed curriculum and learning was not teacher-centred. The role of the teacher was only to give and the role of the student was only to receive. In this give and gain scenario, no active participation was required from both sides, there was no need for extra skills. Then globalization came about for catching up with the fast-spinning world. It is now crucial to give quality education through quality teachers. The modern world denies the chalk and talk type of classrooms with one-sided sleepy learning. As gaining knowledge is not sufficient, effective skills for implementation of knowledge are the need of the hour. Science, technology, art, mathematics, communication, and collaboration for the development of global citizenship are the focal points of the modern age. Similarly, interactive classroom, activity-based learning are necessary where both teacher and students are given equal chances to attain new knowledge and skills. A quality teacher is not an autocratic type of teacher but a democratic type who has a passion to listen to all students’ viewpoints, provides equity in the classroom to all students so they can learn in a more friendly environment.

Modern teaching on account of its relevance with the modern era is consequential. The revolution in the field of science and technology demands great ideas and extensive efforts to deal with circumstances coming in the way of development. For handling such situations effectively and bringing out desired outcomes quality well-trained teachers are necessary. In this instance, many teacher welfare foundations give free training to teachers throughout the world. They do not only award certificates but also give many other rewards to the hard-working teachers. Now the question is do all teachers avail these opportunities, and willingly attain teacher training programs or do they consider it a wastage of time. Every teacher must be motivated for seeking different professional trainings for the sake of achieving objectives of quality education.

One hindrance in having quality education and quality teachers is the attitude of society. It less encourages youngsters to be teachers. Although teachers matter and they do an amazing job, however,  their work often goes unadmired and unrewarded. According to the research of Varkey Foundation in 2013 and 2018 only a few parents want their children to be teachers.

Child-centred classrooms are considered ideal classrooms, and progressive societies sloganize “each child-centred classroom deserves a quality teacher for quality education.” Now it is time to peep into our classrooms and notice are we providing quality education through quality teachers if not then we must take a quick step for the betterment of our education system.

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