Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

You had been listening to many students, mentioning lame excuses for discontinuity in their studies. Yet, there are students who are inspirational, against all odds they manage to make their mark.

Join me in appreciating Mr. Furqan from Tando Allah Yar, a student of Grade-7 in a private school, the eldest son and a source of bread and butter for his 5 siblings and parents. Besides his schooling, he works as “weldor” by the day. He is very punctual in his school and scores consistently high marks in classroom tests and annual examinations. Unlikely to other his age fellows, he does not appreciate using social media and WhatsApp, rather his studies and work are on the forefront. Responding to a question about how he manages his studies and work simultaneously at a young age, he mentioned nothing can hinder him from achieving his goal in life.

As the years pass by, there are so many students dropping out of schools because of their low economical conditions. They should learn from students like Furqan and believe in themselves as there is a famous saying by Paulo Coelho “When you want to achieve something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

By Shagufta Shazadi

The writer is Editor zeroperiod and Specialist to Educational Assessment Monitoring & Evaluation. She can be reached at

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