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Learning is fun for children when they are themselves engaged in it. The task of the teacher is to find ways through which they could make learning more fun for them. We are very much familiar with this phrase in the field of education that “pen is the tongue of mind” so, I line up my discussion as per my five-year experience with you regarding Students’ education, how we can make education fun and keep our learners engaged. To do this, first, we need to give them a break in our lesson plans. Children do not like to sit in a place for a long time, they need to move around and engage in activities. After repeating the lesson name, we must take a round of class and start reading for them. We can involve them through “Flashcards”. Through these flashcards students get new things, they see things presented to them in a different form. Flashcards can be used for a brainstorming activity as well. Students will be introduced to new ideas, images, they can get a variety of information that can increase their curiosity and help them visualize things.

         The other factor that contributes to increased engagement is “Group Learning”. It is very important for Students for their ‘ developmental growth. Through it, they will be capable to learn how to give or share, they can share their thoughts not only share but to express their needs with peers to accomplish a task.  Through group learning the students’ social skills e.g. (patience, communication tolerance, and major respect for others) will be developed.

I continue this with one more addition “Hand-On Learning”. Being a teacher, I am pretty sure we know what does it mean

 “Learning by dancing”?  It truly shows the experiential educational environment. I share with you my experience whenever I deliver my lessons usually observe when my students are actively involved with their hands and mind. Through this way, they are more focused and motivated to learn. Through hands-on learning, they get the ability to help other students of all ages to retain knowledge and grow.

        Let me ask you a question before making my next point, how many of us have fond memories of our class field trips? Surely these footslogs give the work of a cool breeze, outside of the classroom is an ideal way for our students to be connected with the world beyond their imagination.  With them, they are trying to engage themselves in what they are learning. They will remember these field trips longer than the classroom lectures.

I come towards the most exciting thing which engages our students happily with studies is learning through “Technology”.  Technology makes learning more fun. We can use it in form of brainstorming, playing games. We must equip our classrooms with tablets and other learning gadgets with relevant apps for learning different subjects. Something visual and engaging in nature can help students to learn fast and better.  I found it an effective way to respond to the learners’ educational needs.

   Our Students must be taught to think rather than what to think and in the same way, they must be taught how to learn rather than what to learn. Students’ creativity and variety are the two topmost important ingredients and the best way to ensure learning stays fun. In all my teaching career I carry one belief with me that I should be a full pack of ideas for my Students rather than stuffed facts.

One thought on “How can we make education fun for Students?”
  1. I have gone through your article and i found your ideas not more powerful because these ideas can be followed just in private institutions in pakistan because we are lacking government education as a nation. We as a nation not so creative because we are not practical we just focus on theories.
    A constructive criticism of a published paper is not bad as it provide the basis for further investigation. This is acceptable in academia. It is not all the time that the one critiquing may have the solution off head, rather, his critique may be a subject for further research into the subject.

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