Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Noorani Abdul Rehman

Reflecting on what Chomsky said, I believe YES!  English is the most influential language in the world. The 21st century has seen a revolution in the utilization of mobile telephones, emails, and the internet. It has introduced a competitive new world where knowing English has become a survival need in the contemporary world. In the present era, life is hard for any individual who cannot communicate in English. Since English is commonly spoken, it has regularly been referred to as the most widely used language of modern times.

English language has emerged as a world language (Wenfang, 2011). It has been rapidly spreading in developing countries as a means of communication, a lingua franca for international business and diplomacy, a vehicle for studying science and technology and above all as a medium of instruction (Floris, 2013).

Moreover, a plethora of literature is available which asserts the fact that the English language is an important vehicle, especially in a developing country, for keeping pace with the current world. The English language has become the need for everyone belonging to different fields in society. This is because English is the international language and is recognized as the global lingua franca (Seidlhofer, 2005), which has increased its importance in the education system around the world.

Around fifty years back the thought of English as a genuine worldwide language was just hypothetical speculation (Rohmah, 2005). But the realities have created it as a real “world language” at present. In the present time, people around the world understand its vital role, in their academic life, in the business sphere and many other fields, as a first, second and foreign language.

Also, when I talk about its significance and its influence on the world, I can’t ignore the recent challenge where with the advent of virtual learning, because of COVID 19 Pandemic, English language worked as a saviour. It helped students to explore a new avenue of learning them. If not learned the English Language the world would have been at a loss. English language has intensified its role in education by allowing students across the world its exposure and access.

Hence, the significance of English and its influence in almost every domain of life cannot be denied as English has got the status of being a global language and the language of the Internet and technology.

By Noorani Abdul Rehman

Ms Noorani is working as a senior English language teacher at SMS-Aga Khan school. I have graduated from AKU-IED in teacher Education English as a subject specialization in the year 2020. Teaching is my passion. I love to write, as I believe it gives freedom to express my thoughts in terms of words.

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