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Companies need to engage in activities relating to corporate social responsibility as it plays an important role in sustaining the society in which these organizations operate. Although the concept of corporate social responsibility is not very old, in our country this practice has increased recently and is also important in addressing various key issues that the social sector is facing today. Although the concept remained vague until 2020, some companies are actively engaged in the sector. This is, however imperative that the funds these companies set-aside for the purpose should be channelized on the sectors that have a long time impact on the country’s progress, such as education.

The basic concept behind corporate social responsibility is that a company, organization, or business should look after the interest of society and the environment in which it operates along with being concerned with its profits.

Corporate social responsibility is a two-way road which while allowing businesses to contribute towards the betterment of the society or environment in which it operates also creates a positive image for the organization. It ensures long term growth and success of the company as it enhances the image of the brand and makes it popular among the general public. The contribution or effort made by the organization towards the progress of the society makes a positive impact in minds of people and sways the feeling of the people in favor of the brand. People begin to develop trust and feel loyal towards the brand which eventually helps to generate more revenues for the organization.

Last year has been a huge example where after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan various organizations came forward to facilitate the society in various ways. The majority of the brands stepped in to play their part and promoted social distancing and companies took proactive measures to mitigate health risks to employees, customers, and communities at large.

Corporate social responsibility could be witnessed as corporate giants made efforts to give donations and support organizations involved in fighting the pandemic. Besides these small organizations, NGOs, hospitals, and groups also came forward to play their part and contributed to creating awareness against and in fighting the pandemic

Our society is affected by many problems but one of the main issues that we as a society face are the shortcomings in our educational system. The educational landscape of our society is dotted with problems like lack of focus on vocational education, absenteeism, issues relating to access, dropouts, lacking quality and infrastructure. Improvements in the area of education will in turn have a positive effect on economic growth. Companies need to give priority to education-related projects when it comes to CSR activities. Organizations should take steps to support educational activities which in turn will have a positive impact on communities where they are functioning.

By Faiza Zameer

Faiza Zameer is a writer, multilingual, a highly qualified and seasoned marketing and communication professional having a unique experience in both fields of education and the healthcare industry.

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